Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Members share their space

Welcome to the series where we share members' sewing space. Featured today is Kristin's studio space. Enjoy!

My studio space starts with the built in desk and cutting station that was actually built for our previous house.  We took it with us when we moved and it was great to have this built in storage that I already knew how to fill!  I also like the raised cutting area to reduce back strain.

I also tend to surround myself with the work of friends and artists I love.  My collections inspire me every day.  I have a tall chest of drawers that I use for storing thread and other craft supplies. 

My sewing space is all portable and has been rearranged several times in the 2.5 years we have lived in this house.  I like that my tables are easy to transport to other activities and to rearrange for various things I might do in the studio.

My sewing table is a Sew Ezi table that allows my machine to sit down at a proper height for me.  I can switch out machines with inserts that fit each one.  I also love my exercise ball chair- a tip from Shannon P.  My ironing board has an extra-large surface created by Erin B.’s boys and makes ironing large cuts of fabric a breeze

My quilting fabric has always been stored in an armoire, but has spilled out into the closet over time.  I keep the most used fabrics close at hand in here.  I also have drawers for miscellaneous items.  My embroidery thread storage can be glimpsed on top of the armoire and it looks like a mess, but is actually organized by color on embroidery hoops.  I have enough thread to last several lifetimes!

I have a regular sized closet where I store lots of fabric, plus other craft supplies like yarn.  It’s a big mess right now, but I use the hanging canvas shelf units for some items and others are in plastic bins stacked below.  I also am lucky enough to have a secret closet behind the real closet where I keep my batting, finished quilts, extra bins of fabric and other craft supplies, etc.

I had to go back to some old photos to show my design walls properly.  This is the first studio space where I’ve had room for design walls and I find that they are absolutely necessary.  I have two 4’ x 6’ sheets of insulation board that I covered with batting.  I am somewhat sorry there’s a door between them as it’s hard to work on projects larger than 4’ wide, but I tend to work small, so it’s fine most of the time. Since the insulation board comes in 4’ x 8’ sheets, I cut 2’ off the end of each one and used one for the inspiration board over my desk (covered with canvas) and another one is a portable design board covered with batting.  It’s very useful for classes and retreats.

One thing that you don’t see in my studio is my collection of quilting books.  I do have several shelves of books, but they didn’t fit in this room. They are at a room at the other end of the hall.  

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  1. Kristin, I love this cutting station! I'm so inspired to get mine redesigned. Thanks for sharing.