Monday, February 10, 2014

Members Share Their Space - Christy

Welcome to a new series where COMQG members share their sewing space. Enjoy! 

The best feature of my sewing space is the closet.  I use it to store my work in progress projects which I've hung on coat hangers.  It gives me a visual reminder to work on what’s already underway rather than start new projects.  However, this doesn't always work and I end up starting lots of new things anyway!  

I just downsized my fabric storage to a small cabinet purchased from the Humane Society Thrift Store in Bend.  I used some simple plastic brackets and pre-made shelving from ACE Hardware to double the number of shelves in the cabinet.

I sew on a Juki TL-2010Q.  I bought it after 18 months sewing on a Brother CS-6000i which was a great starter machine.  The Juki sews so smoothly and the quilting is first rate.  I love the 9” throat, which makes large projects almost painless!   

I built the ironing table using Elizabeth Hartman’s tutorial.  I added a wooden box on top of the TV dinner tray to raise the height.  The larger square ironing platform is the perfect size for me even thought it makes the table a little tipsy.  

The Toes in the Sand quilt by Jaybird Quilts is up on my design wall right now, I'm working on layout.  Because I’m using my own fabric choices I think I will end up deviating from the suggested layout in order to balance fabric color, and value.  

I’m looking forward to eventually finding a taller cutting table.  I do love having the cutting table close to a window where there is lots of natural light.  I've got scraps stored in a few plastic bins perched on a reclaimed piece of cedar.  

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  1. Nice, Christy! I love this series. I love to see the arrangements, storage solutions and especially what machines we use. I have been thinking about a Juki for someday, so it's good to hear about yours.