Friday, February 21, 2014

Members Share Their Space

Welcome to the blog series where COMQG members share their sewing space. Today is Susan's turn. Here's her space! Enjoy!

I finally picked up my sewing room enough to take a few pictures! 

My story:   About 5 years ago, I reinvented a room in my house, taking out two walls which surrounded my son's bedroom, an old unused wood stove and some misc. flooring.  With the transformation, I now have lots of cupboards (put together by ME!) from Ikea, a rustic wood floor which was hiding under the carpet, my laundry room and extra storage, and my SEWING SPACE!

My cutting table and design wall


A couple of my sewing trinket collections on my shelves---the three Owl pincushions watch over me (representing my 3 children!) and 3 vintage thread holders.

My favorite glass front shelving units---I have two of these, one for fabric, the other for knitting stuff, family photos, etc.

My sewing machine area  (with lots of "stuff" in the background!). A baker's cart filled with my UFO's and projects in progress (an idea shared by Valori or Jean Wells in a magazine)

I also use lots of old suitcases for storage, you can kind of see these on the floor in one of the photos.
It is wonderful to be able to just leave everything up and available!  As you can see, I collect lots of things---I love old button cards, old zippers, old linens, etc. etc.

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