Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Challenge for SOQS 2013

Looks like the challenge is underway!   Are you up for it??

The two mandatory fabrics/colors are Kona Coal and Kona Lime. 

You can use these solids as well as other fabrics that read as Lime or Coal.
You can only add ONE more color from the color wheel....

Your color of choice could also be a shade of brown (chocolate, tan, etc.) or black or white.

You can add other similar fabrics/prints with Coal and Lime in them.... but they must only contain these two colors plus your color wheel color.

You can use up to 20% of the space with white or black as needed (if neither is your third color), if you like.  This includes any white or black that may be in a print with your 2+1 combination.

Minimum size of 36 x 36 inches, and may not exceed 104" in width or length.

This will be so exciting to see what everyone comes up with!!

Currently Kona Coal and Kona Lime..... can be found at QuiltWorks and at the Stichin' Post.

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