Thursday, March 13, 2014

Members Share their Space

Welcome to the blog series where we get a peek inside members' sewing spaces. Today is Jeanne's turn. Enjoy!
entrance to my 3rd floor sewing room

Here are a few pics of my ever changing sewing space.  I like change and am constantly changing my space to fit my current whim.  Currently I have two spots.  The 'real' one is on the 3rd floor of our house.

ironing area - 3rd floor

cutting area - 3rd floor

My husband I share a big loft type space.  He has his electronic stuff on one half and I have my sewing stuff on the other.  Along with an extra bed and mini refrig.  It was our son's room before he moved out for college and now 'life'.  I tend to not use this space much as my hubby is not up there much and I seem too far away and alone.

 storage in closet - 3rd floor
(are you all noticing a pattern of cats in the sewing space pictures? I guess we all love our pets!)

sewing area in family room

Instead, I like to work downstairs in our family room.  I bought a little table at costco and put it behind our couch. I feel more connected down there. And can catch up on my shows while sewing.

cutting area on kitchen island

I use our big kitchen island for my cutting and ironing area.  So as you see, I've kind of taken over parts of most rooms in our house.

Thankfully, my hubby doesn't mind all the sewing stuff around.

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