Thursday, March 6, 2014

Members share their space

Welcome to the series where COMQG members share their sewing space. Today is Laurie's turn.

Here are the photos of my quilting space. The first shows how I hang my finished tops and backs over the banister on the second floor, just outside of my sewing room. 

The second shows my ironing board with my latest work in progress -- a red, white and blue quilt

My sewing machine and cutting mat set up. 

I store a lot of fabric in large plastic
bins (that's how I moved my fabric from CA up here to Bend). I like the bins because the
fabric can lay flat without having too many folds in it, and the fabric stays out of the sunlight. 

I also store smaller pieces, by color, in clear plastic bins that I keep out of
sunlight in my sewing room closet. This photo shows my blue bin next to my red bin. 

Finally, I included a photo showing a couple of pin cushions I made for a sale that my guild in Santa Barbara held. I had fun making them out of fabric that was my mom's (note the plaid in the "Butterscotch" pin cushion and the pink mohair in the "Neo-politan" pin cushion). I really enjoyed that sale, as three of my quilts, one of my pillows, and some of my pin cushions were purchased in support of the guild!

Oh, and the last photo shows my cat helping me with my "curves" quilt.

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  1. Laurie - your cat is doing an excellent job of following the contours! :-) What a great helper!