Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tuesday notes

We discussed a lot of business at the meeting on tuesday! Hopefully having them written down will help someone (me!) keep track of our various activities this spring. I have also added a calendar tab to the website to help.

 1) If you haven't already, please send Kayla a message to introduce yourself and be the featured member in a blog post.

 2) Register your quilt for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show group exhibit by May 1st.

 3) Sign up with Kayla to hostess our group exhibit for the show or for Save it for Sunday.

4) We have agreed to show our quilts at the Five Pine Lodge for the month of July. Tentative due date for quilts is June 15th.

 5) Ronald McDonald house blocks due to Kayla by the end of April.

 6) For our guild to join the Modern Quilt Guild, we need to pay dues based on the size of our group (10-15 members: $150, 16-25 members: $250). We discussed 'passing a hat' at all meetings to pay the dues starting July 1st. For the remaining half of 2013, the dues will be half (10-15 members: $75, 16-25 members: $125), and then starting January 1 dues will be paid to the Modern Quilt Guild for the full year.

 7) Look for a link to an online survey coming in an email soon. You will be able to use this anonymous online survey to nominate group members for leadership positions of our guild.

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