Friday, March 1, 2013

Featured Member for March.....

Christy McDevitt
How long have you been quilting:I’ve been quilting seriously for less than a year.  Well maybe not seriously, on a regular basis might be a better way to put it. 

Who was your first quilt for:
My first quilt was for myself, a hair-brained attempt to make a quilt in a weekend with a bunch of polyester fabric I found at a Fabric Mart discount store near Waikiki beach on Oahu.  They ship!

I learned to sew from:
Early pointers and encouragement came from Mom.  Recently I’ve been absorbing lots of inspiration from the ladies of the COMQG.

Favorite fabric designer or line of fabric:
I have a secret yeaning to get my hands on some Mendocino from Heather Ross but I’m late to the party and it’s all being sold second hand now.   

Favorite blog to follow:
Oh dear I can’t choose just one! Here are my top 3 right now.
Jacquie’s style is creative and fluid while still including enough symmetry and predictability to be pleasing to the eye.  She is coauthor of the recently released Quilting Modern: Techniques for Improvisational Piecing.  I LOVE this book and have several projects underway from her patterns.   
I love Emma’s idea to make an article of clothing every month for a year.  She has some amazing pieces that look stylish and comfortable.  I am still working on the patterns for a custom sweatshirt.  Check out the post from September where she shares a pattern for a stunning gingham print top!  Besides anyone who invites us to… “have a nose around” gets my vote. 
Sometimes the best inspiration comes not from looking at what you are already doing.  I frequent Improvised Life for all manner of ideas, inspiration and things to challenge my normal behavior.  This blog spans topics as varied as savant musical performers, tiny gruella garden installations, and  a roundup of blogs for good-such wide ranging content. 

Project you are working on now:
So many, some of which are secret but I’m most excited about this quilt, inspired by the pattern Supernova from Quilting Modern (see picture).  It’s a mix of vintage and modern fabric and has been such a fun project to assemble.  Made me feel like the pattern was emerging and developing all the way through the process, the creativity not over until the binding was going on.  I’m also working on a quilt that incorporates this collage (picture).  I’ve been making fabric at and working on a few quilts that incorporate those prints including the Toes In The Sand pattern from Jaybird Quilts. 

Favorite place to shop:
All the stores in Central Oregon are great with helpful staff and good selection. 

I especially enjoy: QuiltWorks, BJ’s Quilt Basket and the Stitch n Post. 
 If you are looking to order something unique I love the bloggers fat quarter packs at the Fat Quarter Shop.  Every month they ask a popular blogger to select 15 fabrics for a fat quarter pack.  I’m excited about the packs to be released by Elizabeth Hartman and Kaye Prince that will be available soon!  This is also a great place to discover new bloggers!

Favorite class you have taken:
I’m not much of a class person, but Elizabeth Hartman’s Tokyo Subway class pushed me way out of my comfort zone to tackle a bigger and more complicated project. 
I’m working on my own version that is a map of an off-road race.  Here are the WIP picture of my quilt, map, and original design (Tokyo) by Elizabeth.  

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  1. Christy failed to provide a bio but likes what Kayla has written about her. She's working on the Toes in the Sand pattern as well as a BOM club at BJ's.

    She also loves these sites:

    Carry on quilters and go bold!