Saturday, September 1, 2012

Featured Member of September....

Aura Carr
How long have you been quilting: Not long, I finished my first quilt in July of 2011. It took me about a year from start to finish. I did it mostly all on my own, without even knowing what batting and basting meant.

Who was your first quilt for: I used leftover material from my five brides maid's dresses as the centre piece and then did a thick borader of chocolate brown and then a fun green and whit print as the final border. It turned out much nicer than I expected given the size and my lack of knowledge.  It's my wedding quilt for me and sweetie.

I learned to sew from: Kayla, my mother in law, Crys's beginning quilting class and from my mother when I very young. I remember she had an old Singer and would repair our clothing or sew us a costume. She taught me how to hem my skirts and pants and how to sew on a button. She was functional semstress, rather than creative.

Favorite fabric designer or line of fabric: Amy Butler lead me to quilting since I first fell in love with her fabrics and would make bags and odds and ends, and eventually got one of her free quilt patterns online (Thea's Puzzle Quilt), and that's how I fell into quilting. I also love Valorie Wells and and Micheal Miller.

Project you are working on now: Rocket quilt for my son.

Favorite place to shop: Quiltworks, and Stitching Post

Favorite class you have taken: Crys's beginner quilting...haven't taken much.

Favorite thing to make (quilts, bags, hats, etc): I'm into making quilts and kids stuff right now having a two year old in my house. I like making little gifts for people or simple projects that I can get done in a short time since my time to sew is limited.

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