Monday, August 31, 2015

Meeting Reminder

It's September tomorrow! 
And the first Tuesday is September 1st, so from 5pm to 8pm we're meeting at Quiltworks. 

Starting this month, until next summer, we'll resume our normal schedule of First Tuesday Quiltworks, Third Tuesday Stitchin' Post. Plus sew days and gatherings now and again.

For the meeting, bring along:

yourself! members and guests are welcome
a hand sewing project or binding or embroidery or knitting...
show and tell! we love to see works in progress, finished projects, whatever!

Cool Colors due date is October 1st. but, we won't have our meeting to photograph the quilts until probably the first week of October. I'm still waiting on the quilt show to hear on the official deadline. 

Susan's hosting a retreat at the beginning of October!

Show at quiltworks in October. Let's all plan to attend First Friday gallery reception.

5th anniversary party at Quiltworks first Tuesday in November. 

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