Saturday, December 13, 2014

Meeting Recap

Wow, we really had some amazing show and tell at our last meeting!

Some dates to remember: 
the end of January (the 30th) is the day your challenge quilt needs to be finished to be considered for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. Finished means having the quilting and binding finished for photographs that will be submitted to the show on the 31st. 

Our next meeting will be at Dogwood Cocktail Cabin on the third Tuesday, December 16th, at 5pm. Come along for some holiday festivities! 

Kayla brought along the quilt top for our COMQG QuiltCon charity quilt. After this was taken, I sewed on the borders, and it was sent along to Corni for quilting! We shouldn't have any trouble getting it in the mail in time for it to arrive in Austin by the deadline. 

Hillary showed off her finished space invaders quilt. Her 'lightning-bolt-echo' quilting looks amazing!

Susan showed off her finished Starfall quilt. A bunch of us in the guild made this quilt, it has been so fun to see them all!

Another charity project! Susan distributed these block kits to members this fall, and has pieced together the top. Isn't it amazing!

Kristin brought along one of her QuiltCon show submissions and we were all blown away. It's gorgeous!

Sarah is working on her challenge quilt back, and it's all these gorgeous silk scarves. Can't wait to see what she comes up with!

Kayla made this t-shirt quilt for a cousin, and look at that awesome back!
Kayla's bed quilt, obviously totally amazing!

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