Thursday, April 10, 2014

Members share their space

Welcome to the series where members share their sewing space. Today is my (Lindsey) turn. Enjoy!

I sew in a spare room. I spend more time in here than any other room in the house when I'm home just hanging out, so it has more than just my sewing. I like to keep most things stored out of sight in the closet. If I let the room get too cluttered, it's not fun for me to sew or spend time in here. Here's the two sides of my closet: on the top shelf I have my projects in shoe boxes or bags, along with yarn and a few other assorted items. The works in progress in the closet tend to be long term projects: one's that I've put on the back burner, or long term projects like blocks of the month. The floor has a couple of tubs with my fabric. I don't have a big stash and I like to make sure it doesn't outgrow those tubs. I want to hoard fabric but I try to resist! In there is also my spare sewing machine, my ironing board, my roll of batting, finished projects. The room is small, and during the winter I leave my bike on the trainer so it's a bit crowded at the moment.


On the other side of the room, I have some mini quilts on the wall by the window. That chair always has my most current works in progress on it, ones that need quilting or binding, and I have recently put a dent in that pile so there is only one quilt needing binding right now. I got that curtain wire and clips from IKEA and love it for hanging little blocks and fun, inspiring things along that entire wall. Those dogs are always laying on the futon, keeping me company when I'm in here.
My sewing machine (a Baby Lock Melody) sits on a small desk from IKEA. I actually love the desk's small size because when I'm free motion quilting, I can jam the quilt in the corner against the wall instead of worrying about the quilt falling off the table. This desk has a keyboard tray that is really handy for storing notions or extra fabric when sewing.
Next to the desk is my bookshelf that has more fabric storage and other things. This is where most works in progress that I'm just starting hang out until they're too big for a shelf. I also have some precuts and bundles on the shelves. I really try to keep the top of the shelf cleared off so that it's space I can use. I really don't like clutter so I prefer to keep everything put away or in the closet so that the clutter doesn't get too bad.
You can also see my design wall (a flannel-backed tablecloth) with the Modern Metallic challenge.
You'll probably notice: I don't have any cutting table in here! I don't have room with the current set up, although sometimes I will cut on top of the bookshelf if the pieces are small enough for my small, rotating mat. Instead, I usually cut on my kitchen island.
Thanks for taking the tour of my sewing room!

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