Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday Cheer....

Looking to spread some cheer around Central Oregon???

Make a chemo quilt!

They are simple to make and a great way to practice your machine quilting or all those free motion designs you have been looking forward to try.

Here is how it works:
What Kind of Quilts?
Whole cloth quilts : 42” X 68” long – This is a one block CHEMO quilt; you can’t get any simpler than that! Any seamstress can do this! You need: 2 yards of fabric for the front; 2 yards for the back; 2 yards of batting; and 1/2 yard of fabric for machine binding.
Fabric: must be of good quality to withstand hot water commercial laundering every time it is used (more than 100 times each year). The fabric theme needs to be for adults and cheerful!
  • Only good quality quilters’ cottons (including flannels) to provide warmth for the patient during infusion sessions; no metallics.
  • Avoid solid red, dark blue and dark black colors as the reds tend to bleed and the darks tend to fade when laundered repeatedly in hot water.
Batting: your choice; machine quilted at a minimum of 3” between lines of quilting. Wool batting not recommended due to the hot water laundering.
Machine Quilting: Cross hatch, meandering, stippling, pantogram, pantograph, walking foot stitching. This is your choice and your creation! This is a utility quilt, not a quilt that will be entered into a competition, so it is important that the machine quilting be of a density that keeps the quilt sandwich intact. Please no hand tied quilts, as the quilt will not stand up to the rigors of multiple launderings.

Binding: by machine only.

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